What’s next?

Enough about the Oscars. The homepage already looks like a crazy Meryl Streep fan tribute website and as much as I like Meryl, it has to stop. Since the Golden season is over and I’ve talked way too much about movies, I thought I’d switch to the next best thing: TV shows. More precisely, what to expect from TV shows during the next three months.

Say hello to Mad people
First and foremost, this year will mark the return of critic acclaimed and Emmy winner series Mad Men. Don Draper (Jon Hamm) will be back on March 25th for his 5th season after spending more than a year away from screens. Mad Men has had difficulties becoming a popular show, probably because, apart from being set in the 60’s, it doesn’t have the most digestible script. But, honestly, it deserves all the awards it has received. Mr. Weiner, the creator (former The Sopranos producer), does an incredible job: the story is smart, creative and different. For those of you who haven’t watched it, it’s worth the try.

Gross award
There’s also the very popular cult-kinda-nerd The Walking Dead. The second season is coming to an end – season finale will air on March 18th and, believe me if you can, it has been even grosser than the first one. Although I think loosing Frank Darabont affected the quality of some episodes, it still is a good show. But what’s even more impressive about this series is its ability to bring together a very wide variety of people. Nerds, cults, gamers and even critics (!) appreciate the story. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think that, in a way, Walking occupied Lost‘s spot as a ‘survivor series’. That’s why everybody likes it so much: because there is nothing like blood and death to bring people together.

Goodbye, Doctor Cranky Pants
May 21st will be a specially sad day for me, because that is House‘s series finale night. As much as I think it is the right thing to end the show now, before it becomes boring – or simply bad -, I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic. I’ll miss Wilson and his crazy ex-wives, Foreman and Chase fighting to prove who is ‘the best’ doctor, the long clinic hours… Hell, I’ll even miss crazy Huddy and Hameron fans! But most of all, I’ll miss Gregory House. Hugh Laurie is nothing but genius playing this character and I can only hope he (finally) gets an Emmy for his work.
*About what I think will happen on the season finale, I give you one word: Vicodin. Honestly, for me, there are only two ways for this series to end: 1) exactly as it started, with House as a bitter Vicodin addict, or 2) with House’s death, by Vicodin overdose. That’s the beauty and the horror of the whole story: House will always be House, because ‘people don’t change’.

The Florricks
The Good Wife, my currently favorite show, will take a break starting April 29th.   It’s one of the only legal shows that is actually interesting to watch, so I have nothing but great things to say about Mr. and Mrs. Robert King’s creation: the cast is wonderful – Margulies keeps delivering as Alicia Florrick, Alan Cumming is nothing less than awesome as Eli Gold, Archje Panjabi steals every scene she happens to be in, Baranski nails her character -, the script is well written and not predictable at all and they do a good job with the directing. In other words, nothing to complain about. I’ll wait anxiously for the Florricks to be back on my screen.

Trust no one
My absolute favorite character from the past 3 years will also be back. Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) is meant to return for a 5th season of Damages. The show, hanging by a threat after its 3d year due to lack of viewers, was saved by DirecTV. Most people have never even heard about this series, so chances are you are one of them. If that’s the case, please, take the time to watch the first episode of the story. Just the first. If you don’t like it, come back here and scream at me. To encourage following my advice, here is one good reason to watch Damages: the series’ creators are, of course, old The Sopranos buddies, and the script for the first 7 episodes is just as brilliant.

War is coming
Last but not least, there’s the most talked about season premiere of the semester: Game of Thrones. The poster for the second season was released a few days ago and the fans have been going nuts for the past week, since there’s talk of a behind the scenes to become available tomorrow. Some other trailers can already be found online and photos from several characters are all over the internet. However, the most exciting news (at least for non-American viewers) is HBO’s recent announced saying the show will air on April 1st in the US and pretty quickly in many other countries – in Brazil, for example, it will happen simultaneously (yay!). For those who haven’t read the books, the second year of Games can be very exciting. I’m sure I’ll like the adaptation for A Clash of Kings, but I’d risk saying the series will become really cool once it gets to the third novel, A Storm of Swords. Up until then, it’s just warming up.

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