Back to ‘good old days’

The Oscars were presented yesterday and crowned both The Artistand Hugo. Most of the articles you’ll read today will be about that. How the Academy was celebrating the “good old days”, how the “movies missed the movies”. That’s all very well (and very true). Even bringing Billy Crystal back seemed to remind us viewers that the Oscars are meant to be traditional and work better that way – nobody forgets about the Franco + Hathaway fiasco from last year, right?

First thing worth mentioning: the Academy switched up the order in which the winners were presented. Instead of going to supporting roles first, the ceremony started with technical categories. That’s were Hugo shined. It won 5 awards: cinematography, art direction, sound mixing, sound editing and visual effects.
The Artisttook home what was meant to be Clooney’s prize – Dujardin was elected best actor – along with costume design, original score, direction and motion picture.

But enough about the french and Scorsese – by the way, I love that drinking game that started with the Bridesmaids stars during the SAG and was brought back yesterday: every time someone said ‘Scorsese’ on stage, the audience had to drink. Judging by last night, if anyone took the game seriously, they probably left the former-Kodak Theatre pretty drunk.

Anyway, what really made my night was, of course, Meryl Streep winning. I won’t repeat all the reasons I wanted her to get the prize, since I made a post exclusively about that, but I will say that from the minute she started talking I completely forgot about the rest of the ceremony. Her speech was, much as her performance, flawless. Meryl remember everybody why she is not only this year’s winner, but the best at what she does. Adored by every single person in the room, including Viola Davis (the runner up for the category), she gave one of the most down to Earth, cute little speeches of the night. I don’t want to spoil it by trying to narrate it, so just check it out on youtube.
And if you want to understand just how brilliant Meryl’s speeches are, and how she makes an art out of accepting awards, you should check out this article by Michel Schulman.

Apart from Streep, Plummer was another actor worth seeing win the award. 82 years old, just 2 more than the Oscar itself, his win was one of the safest bets for the evening. Honestly, the actor in a supporting role award simply would be his regardless of what happened in the other categories. Even so, seeing him go on stage was memorable.

I was also very happy to see A Separation win. The Brazilians didn’t take the award for best song and lost to The Muppets – and I’m Brazilian, so I was rooting for them -, but at least the Iranians won their first ever Oscar. Separation was the favorite in its category, but since there was a Holocaust story also up for the fight, I decided to wait and see what would happen. And I was gladly surprised.

And that’s how the evening went. With not many surprises, but leaving one crazy Brazilian fan incredibly happy. Meryl said “I really understand I’ll never be up here again”. Well, let’s wait and see. Maybe it’s time someone equaled Hepburn as a 4-time Oscar winner. And nothing better than having the best living actress – yes, Meryl, you are the best – do it.

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One thought on “Back to ‘good old days’

  1. Loved the Oscars this year, never been happier. I agree with you. I’m also happy for Octavia Spencer and Woody Allen. And most of all, the ceremony was absolutely beautiful, elegant and funny in an old-fashioned way. The Academy has proved they can get it right, sometimes. I hope they still have much more to show. (Sorry for the last comment, I clicked “Enter” accidentaly 😛 )

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