Golden Season! Let the red carpet begin

So yesterday Hollywood started its Golden Season, or as I like to call it, the movie and TV geeks Dream Month. The Golden Globes winners were already crowned at the Beverly Hilton and next are the SAG Awards, on January 28th. Actually, it was one of the best awards I’ve ever watched, winners wise. You can check the entire list at the HFPA website but some moments deserve special mentions. Here goes my Top 10 of the night:

10. Modern Family‘s bilingual acceptance speech
The cast decided to do a Spanish version of their speech. Sofia Vergara gave the lines and Levitan translating them to English. Of course they ended up making a joke of the whole thing.

9. Ricky Gervais giving Johnny Depp a hard time because of The Tourist (again!)
I don’t know if any of you remember, but last year Gervais simply couldn’t stop talking about how awful The Tourist was. Press even said Depp felt offended by the comments. This year, just to prove he is a good sport, Depp heard Gervais critics about the movie on stage and laughed at them. After all, he knows as well as I do Ricky is right.

8. Morgan Freeman receiving the Cecil B. DeMille award from Helen Mirren
The level of awesomeness in the room raised to infinite when Poitier and Mirren walked on stage to give Freeman a well deserved Cecil B. DeMille award.  It’s not everyday you get to see The Queen giving God a hug.

7. Madonna calling Ricky Gervais a girl
Gervais was making his usual jokes. When he called The Queen of Pop herself on stage to present the Foreign Movie award, he couldn’t help but say she looked “just like a virgin”. She didn’t let it slip away quite so easily. “If I’m still just like a virgin, Ricky, then why don’t you come over here and do something about it? I haven’t kissed a girl in a few years — on TV.” Probably scripted, but still a good one.

6. Octavia Spencer‘s acceptance speech
She is by far my favorite character in The Help and her speech was very cute. Besides, it’s always good to see someone who’s been left aside by the critics to finally be recognized. You can see her speech in here (bad quality version, sorry)

5. Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy singing
They introduced a category joking a little and singing! It was just… awwww! Very nice moment. Check it out on youtube.

4. Peter Dinklage winning for Game of Thrones as Best Supporting Actor in a TV series
Brace yourselves, Peter Dinklage is coming! This guy totally deserved to win, his Tyrion Lannister is a freaking awesome character.

3. Angelina Jolie‘s comeback line to Ryan Seacrest‘s question at the red carpet
Seacrest: So were you nervous about the release [of her movie In the Land of Blood and Honey, about the Bosnian War]?
Jolie: The release? I was nervous about the people in Bosnia, not about the Hollywood release.

2. George Clooney.
All of him. And the award he got, sure, but mostly just… him. The guy is talented, hot, rich as hell, dresses impeccably and has that sexy face that says “yeah, I know, I’m freaking awesome, deal with it”. I love him, period.

1. Meryl Awesome Streep winning for The Iron Ladyas Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama
When this happened, I truly jumped out of my chair. And probably woke up some of my neighbors. FINALLY I see a chance for Meryl to get her 3rd Oscar. Better late than never, right? I have officially began my #MerylOscar2012 campaign.

*Just so that you now, I’ll be doing the SAG Awards coverage on twitter. And the Oscars too (but that will probably be in Portuguese). And possibly the Grammys. Yep, I am that nuts. No critics, mostly just having fun and commenting on dresses, make-up, winners and fails. Follow me at @inhighheels if you feel like joining me.

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