So I’ve been familiar with the world of fanfiction for the past five years, more or less. For those of you who don’t know, fanfics are stories written by fans about their favorite TV shows, books, movies or whatever. There are several websites dedicated to this sort of stuff. Believe me, this is the real deal. Fanfics authors have ratings for their stories (yeah, they have NC-17, also known as smut or, as I prefer to call it, fic porn), endless classifications (and acronyms for each and every one of them, from AU – alternative universe – to 1/1 – one shot), challenges and contests.

But none of that would be interesting if the stories were all bad. The slightly disturbing thing is some of these authors are incredibly good. I started going to because I was on vacation and had nothing better to do. Now, I end up there reading stories over studying for college. As you can see, not a very healthy habit. Anyway, back to the point: after five years, I can say I am now officially addicted to fanfiction. I believe some of the best I’ve ever read are X Files stories, but that’s not saying much since on one wbsite alone you can find over 10 thousands stories for this TV show. Of course that happens because it was a huge success at the time it aired and Mulder & Scully still have loyal fans even after 10 years of no show on TV. Speaking of this couple, another subject comes to mind, one that is essential when talking about fanfics: shippers.

Mainly, fanfic authors have one reason to write: they sympathize (or obsess) with one pair in some story and decide to write their own version of facts. Mulder & Scully and probably TV’s most famous couple and could be considered the starting point for all this ship craziness. but nowadays there are fans for everything. And I mean everything. House, for examples, has two main shippers (are they hate each other, just so that you know), the Hamerons (House + Cameron) and the Huddys (House + Cuddy). But let’s not forget the Hilsons (House + Wilson), who divide themselves between those who want the doctors to have a romantic relationship and those who rather they stayed friends. Greys Anatomy has endless pairings, mostly because the show is just a compilation of love stories mixed with patiences’ dramas. But there are also Harry Potter fics, Twilight fics (yeah, unfortunately, they exist) and even reality show fics (!)

About reality shows… I know you will think I’m nuts, sick and twisted, but I have a fangirl crush on Simon Cowell. Cliche of cliches, but what can I do? Feeding my guilty pleasure, I was happily surprise to find out there are several (and I mean several) fics about the guy, covering from his friendship to Ryan Seacrest (oh, there are Rimon fans who want to believe they have some romantic kind of thing going on, but those stories are just too much for me. Even I have boundaries) to his 6-year long relationship with former girlfriend Terri Seymour. But the biggest amount of Simon fic is, hands down, Saula related. It means Simon + Paula. Yeah, if you know anything about reality TV from the past 10 years, you know who I’m talking about. And now it’s time for another confession: I love Paula Abdul. No, I do not find her music amazing, but I do find her to be a quick ass dancer. So when I found out there is such a thing as this kind of story, I kind of spent 2 weeks reading fics non-stop. And let me tell you, there are some crazy cool (oh, sorry, bad joke) things out there.

Anyway, what I really wanted to do was to ask you to go check fanfiction websites. It might seem odd at the beginning, but wait until you read your first good fic. From then on, my friend, you are lost. You will have officially lost your soul to this thing and, weirdly enough, you’ll be happy about it.

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